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No! This page acts as a GUI for VSRepo from Github. All data are from there.

Name type Namespace Description Category Published Links
autocrop VSPlugin acrop AutoCrop for Vapoursynth Other 2017-04-19 Website | Github
adjust PyScript adjust A script equivalent of Avisynth's Tweak function Color/Levels 2018-09-06 Website | Github
AreaResize VSPlugin area AreaResize is an area average downscale resizer plugin. Downscaling in 8-16 bit RGB is also gamma corrected. Resizing and Format Conversion 2020-01-15 Github
ASTDR PyScript ASTDR ASTDR is a derainbow function. ASTDRmc performs motion compensation before calling ASTDR Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2018-11-29 Website | Github
AvsProxy VSPlugin avsw Avisynth 32-bit proxy Other 2018-01-13 Website | Github | Doom9
BezierCurve VSPlugin bezier Vapoursynth-BezierCurve is a plugin which allow you to adjust a clip by specifying a quadratic or a cubic bezier curve. Other 2019-12-22 Website | Github
Bifrost VSPlugin bifrost A rainbow remover based on the Bifrost filter for Avisynth Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2014-05-16 Website | Github | Doom9
Bilateral VSPlugin bilateral Bilateral filter for VapourSynth Denoising 2014-11-08 Website | Github | Doom9
BilateralGPU VSPlugin bilateralgpu Bilateral filter for VapourSynth based on the OpenCV-CUDA library Denoising 2017-04-16 Website | Github
BM3D VSPlugin bm3d Denoising filter using the BM3D algorithm Denoising 2019-01-03 Website | Github | Doom9
Bwdif VSPlugin bwdif Motion adaptive deinterlacing based on yadif with the use of w3fdif and cubic interpolation algorithms. Deinterlacing 2020-02-24 Github | Doom9
Cnr2 VSPlugin cnr2 Temporal chroma noise reducer Denoising 2016-07-02 Website | Github | Doom9
ColorBars VSPlugin colorbars SMPTE RP 219-2:2016 and ITU-R BT.2111 color bar generator for VapourSynth. Source/Output 2018-05-28 Website | Github
colorfade PyScript colorfade Vapoursynth script for bi-directional, linear blending of a frame over a specified range with a target color. Other 2018-07-25 Website | Github
CTMF VSPlugin ctmf Constant Time Median Filtering Other 2017-06-02 Website | Github | Doom9
Curve VSPlugin curve Apply color adjustments using curves similar to Adobe Photoshop and GIMP curves tools. Color/Levels 2019-08-14 Github | Doom9
D2V Source VSPlugin d2v Frame accurate mpeg2 source filter Source/Output 2019-08-18 Website | Github | Doom9
damb VSPlugin damb Audio file reader and writer Other 2015-02-06 Website | Github | Doom9
DCTFilter VSPlugin dctf DCT/IDCT Frequency Suppressor Other 2017-12-23 Website | Github
Deblock VSPlugin deblock h.264 style deblocking Other 2017-06-13 Website | Github | Doom9
DeCross VSPlugin decross DeCross is a spatio-temporal cross color (rainbow) reduction filter Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2018-06-13 Website | Github | Doom9
DeDot VSPlugin dedot Dedot is a temporal cross color (rainbow) and cross luminance (dotcrawl) reduction filter. Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2018-08-04 Website | Github
DeLogo VSPlugin delogo Port of the Avisynth logo removal filter Other 2015-12-23 Website | Github | Doom9
DeLogoHD VSPlugin delogohd DelogoHD is an overhaul of the original delogo filter Other 2019-12-09 Website | Github | Doom9
Descale VSPlugin descale Undoes resizing Resizing and Format Conversion 2017-05-09 Website | Github | Doom9
Descale Script PyScript descale Undoes resizing Resizing and Format Conversion 2017-05-09 Website | Github | Doom9
DFMDerainbow PyScript dfmderainbow DFMDerainbow is a derainbow function. DFMDerainbowMC performs motion compensation before calling DFMDerainbow. Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2019-02-15 Website | Github
DFTTest VSPlugin dfttest Denoising 2019-08-06 Website | Github | Doom9
DGHDRtoSDR VSPlugin dghdrtosdr Convert HDR to SDR Color/Levels 2019-06-18 Website
degrainmedian VSPlugin dgm Spatio-temporal limited median denoiser Denoising 2016-08-07 Website | Github | Doom9
DGMVCSourceVS VSPlugin DGMVC VapourSynth port of DGMVCSource, a MVC source filter Source/Output 2016-12-05 Website | Github
Dpid VSPlugin dpid Rapid, Detail-Preserving Image Downscaler Resizing and Format Conversion 2019-10-04 Website | Github
Draw VSPlugin draw A simple alternative to MaskTools2's mt_lutspa. Other 2020-02-22 Github
EdgeFixer VSPlugin edgefixer EdgeFixer repairs bright and dark line artifacts near the border of an image. Other 2018-01-14 Website | Github
edi_rpow2 PyScript edi_rpow2 Enlarges images by powers of 2 Resizing and Format Conversion Website | Doom9
EEDI2 VSPlugin eedi2 Deinterlacing 2017-03-04 Website | Github | Doom9
EEDI3m VSPlugin eedi3m EEDI3 fork with OpenCL and speed optimization by HolyWu Deinterlacing 2018-12-11 Website | Github | Doom9
faggotDb PyScript faggotDb AlucardSama04's VapourSynth Function That Helps You With Debanding Scripts 2019-10-17 Website | Github
fillborders VSPlugin fb A simple filter that fills the borders of a clip, without changing the clip's dimensions Other 2013-12-15 Website | Github
FFmpegSource2 VSPlugin ffms2 A general source plugin based on FFmpeg Source/Output 2016-10-18 Website | Github | Doom9
FFT3DFilter VSPlugin fft3dfilter 3D frequency domain denoiser/sharpener Denoising 2018-07-11 Website | Github
FFTSpectrum VSPlugin fftspectrum A VapourSynth filter that displays the FFT frequency spectrum of a given clip. Supposedly useful for determining original resolution of upscaled anime content. Other 2019-01-30 Github
FFTW3 Library VSPlugin fftw3_library Package for the FFTW3 library shared between several plugins Plugin Dependency Website
FieldHint VSPlugin fh FieldHint Plugin Other 2015-08-18 Website | Github
FluxSmooth VSPlugin flux Temporal-spatiotemporal denoiser Denoising 2016-08-20 Website | Github | Doom9
fmtconv VSPlugin fmtc High quality bitdepth, colorspace conversion and resizing Resizing and Format Conversion 2019-12-11 Website | Github | Doom9
TemporalSoften2 VSPlugin focus2 Remove noise from a video clip by selectively blending pixels Denoising 2018-07-03 Website | Github
Fix-Telecined-Fades VSPlugin ftf Fix Telecined Fades Other 2017-01-28 Website | Github | Doom9
fvsfunc PyScript fvsfunc Mostly wrapper functions or ports of AviSynth functions Scripts 2019-04-30 Website | Github
AddGrain VSPlugin grain Port of the Avisynth AddGrain filter Other 2018-11-29 Website | Github | Doom9
havsfunc PyScript havsfunc A collection of ported popular Avisynth scripts such as QTGMC Scripts 2019-08-06 Website | Github | Doom9
HQDn3D VSPlugin hqdn3d Port of the HQDn3D filter for mplayer Denoising 2018-08-08 Website | Github
IT VSPlugin it Port of the inverse telecine filter for Avisynth Inverse Telecine 2014-10-15 Website | Github | Doom9
kagefunc PyScript kagefunc Several (edge) masking functions, adaptive grain, hybrid denoise Scripts 2019-09-19 Website | Github
KNLMeansCL VSPlugin knlm OpenCL Non-local means denoising Denoising 2018-01-29 Website | Github | Doom9
lostfunc PyScript lostfunc A collection of scripts mostly posted on doom9 forums. Scripts 2018-10-04 Website | Github
LSMASHSource VSPlugin lsmas A general source plugin based on FFmpeg. Can open MP4, MOV, ISO base media without having to create an index file. Source/Output 2020-03-22 Github | Doom9
lvsfunc PyScript lvsfunc Light's Vapoursynth Functions Scripts 2019-11-15 Website | Github
MatchHistogram VSPlugin matchhist MatchHistogram modifies one clip's histogram to match the histogram of another clip. Will produce weird results if frame contents are dissimilar. Color/Levels 2019-09-07 Github
MCDenoise PyScript MCDenoise A temporal smoother Denoising Website | Doom9
Median VSPlugin median Other 2019-05-10 Github
MiniDeen VSPlugin minideen MiniDeen is a spatial denoising filter. It replaces every pixel with the average of its neighbourhood. This is a port of the 'a2d' method from the Avisynth plugin Deen, version beta 2. Denoising 2018-07-10 Website | Github | Doom9
MotionMask VSPlugin motionmask MotionMask creates a mask of moving pixels. Every output pixel will be set to the absolute difference between the current frame and the previous frame. Other 2018-06-20 Website | Github | Doom9
ReadMpls VSPlugin mpls Returns a list of all files and paths in a mpls playlist Source/Output 2019-10-02 Website | Github | Doom9
MSmoosh VSPlugin msmoosh High quality bitdepth, colorspace conversion and resizing Other 2014-09-26 Website | Github | Doom9
muvsfunc PyScript muvsfunc Muonium's VapourSynth functions Scripts 2019-08-27 Website | Github
MVTools VSPlugin mv MVTools port Other 2019-03-13 Website | Github | Doom9
mvmulti PyScript mvmulti Wrapper functions for mvsf Scripts 2017-06-20 Website | Github
MVTools (float) VSPlugin mvsf MVTools port Other 2017-06-20 Website | Github | Doom9
mvsfunc PyScript mvsfunc Wrapper functions to make certain operations simpler Scripts 2016-07-31 Website | Github | Doom9
Neo f3kdb VSPlugin neo_f3kdb Basically like f3kdb but with legacy format support removed (in Avisynth) and with new sample modes. Other 2019-09-21 Github | Doom9
NNEDI3 VSPlugin nnedi3 Field interpolator/deinterlacer Deinterlacing 2018-09-29 Website | Github | Doom9
NNEDI3CL VSPlugin nnedi3cl OpenCL version of NNEDI3 Deinterlacing 2019-10-01 Website | Github | Doom9
nnedi3_resample PyScript nnedi3_resample Resizing and Format Conversion 2018-05-10 Website | Github
nnedi3_rpow2 PyScript nnedi3_rpow2 Enlarges images by powers of 2 Resizing and Format Conversion Website
NNEDI3 Weights VSPlugin nnedi3_weights Package for the NNEDI3 weights shared between several plugins Plugin Dependency Website
NoiseGen VSPlugin noisegen NoiseGen - VapouSynth Noise Generator Other 2018-10-23 Website | Github
Oyster PyScript Oyster Oyster is an experimental implement of the Blocking Matching concept, designed specifically for compression artifacts removal. Scripts 2017-02-10 Website | Github | Doom9
Plum PyScript Plum Plum is a sharpening/blind deconvolution suite with certain advanced features like Non-Local error, Block Matching, etc.. Other 2017-07-15 Website | Github | Doom9
DeblockPP7 VSPlugin pp7 Port of pp7 from MPlayer. Similar to spp=6 with 7 point DCT where only the center sample is used after IDCT. Other 2018-04-29 Website | Github
QRCodeSource VSPlugin qr VapourSynth & Avisynth plugin to provide a means to embed QR codes in video Source/Output 2016-07-15 Website | Github
RainbowSmooth PyScript RainbowSmooth RainbowSmooth is a script which adds edge detection to SmoothUV. It is a port of the Avisynth function rainbow_smooth() Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2018-07-08 Website | Github | Doom9
vsrawsource VSPlugin raws Raw-format file Reader. Supports raw(uncompressed) video, YUV4MPEG2 and WindowsBitmap(24bit/32bit RGB) Source/Output 2019-11-04 Github | Doom9
RemapFrames VSPlugin remap Allows easy remapping of frames in a clip through the use of a text file or an input string. Other 2019-09-02 Github
resamplehq PyScript resamplehq Gamma correct resizing in linear light (RGB) Scripts 2020-03-14 Website | Github
Retinex VSPlugin retinex Dynamic range compression Other 2018-12-27 Website | Github | Doom9
RGVS (float) VSPlugin rgsf RemoveGrain Single Precision Denoising 2016-01-25 Website | Github | Doom9
SangNom VSPlugin sangnom SangNom is a single field deinterlacer using edge-directed interpolation but nowadays it's mainly used in anti-aliasing scripts. Deinterlacing 2019-03-14 Website | Github | Doom9
SmoothUV VSPlugin smoothuv A spatial derainbow filter Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2018-07-08 Website | Github | Doom9
SSIQ VSPlugin ssiq Spatial derainbowing filter Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2013-10-01 Website | Github
TBilateral VSPlugin tbilateral Bilateral spatial denoising filter Denoising 2019-10-25 Github
TCanny VSPlugin tcanny Canny edge detection Other 2019-02-05 Website | Github | Doom9
TColorMask VSPlugin tcm VapourSynth port of tp7's Avisynth plugin. Great solution if you need to build some masks on color values. Only 8 bit clips are allowed at this time. Other 2018-08-03 Website | Github
TComb VSPlugin tcomb A temporal comb filter, it reduces rainbowing and dot crawl artifacts in static areas of the picture Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2017-02-16 Website | Github | Doom9
TDeintMod VSPlugin tdm Port of the Avisynth deinterlacer Deinterlacing 2018-03-10 Website | Github | Doom9
TEdgeMask VSPlugin tedgemask TEdgeMask is an edge detection filter. This is a port of the TEdgeMask/TEMmod Avisynth plugins. Other 2019-03-13 Github | Doom9
TimeCube VSPlugin timecube SIMULTANEOUS 4-DAY TIME CUBE Other 2018-09-08 Website | Github
TempLinearApproximate VSPlugin tla A temporal smoother Denoising Website | Doom9
TMaskCleaner VSPlugin tmc A really simple mask cleaning plugin for VapourSynth based on mt_hysteresis. Other 2017-11-05 Website | Github
TemporalMedian VSPlugin tmedian TemporalMedian is a temporal denoising filter. It replaces every pixel with the median of its temporal neighbourhood. This filter will introduce ghosting, so use with caution. Denoising 2018-07-25 Website | Github
TNLMeans VSPlugin tnlm TNLMeans is an implementation of the Non-local means denoising denoising algorithm. It also supports extension into 3D and a faster, block based approach. Denoising 2015-02-25 Website | Github
Tonemap VSPlugin tonemap A filter for converting high dynamic range (HDR) video to standard dynamic range (SDR). Resizing and Format Conversion 2018-08-10 Website | Github
vctrans VSPlugin trans Numerous functions for transitons Other Website | Doom9
TTempSmooth VSPlugin ttmpsm TTempSmooth is a motion adaptive (it only works on stationary parts of the picture), temporal smoothing filter. Denoising 2018-05-08 Website | Github | Doom9
vcfreq VSPlugin vcfreq Frequency domain denoiser Denoising Website | Doom9
vcmod VSPlugin vcmod Various filters such as histogram equalization, blur, and watershed segmentation Other Website | Doom9
vcmove VSPlugin vcmove Rotate, debarrel and other distortion correction filters Other Website | Doom9
VagueDenoiser VSPlugin vd A wavelet based denoiser Denoising 2015-06-09 Website | Github | Doom9
VFRToCFR VSPlugin vfrtocfr VFR to CFR Video Converter Other 2017-07-04 Website | Github
Vine PyScript Vine Vine is a collection of a block/pixel matching based de-halo filter and a set of morphological filters. Other 2017-03-18 Website | Github | Doom9
VMAF VSPlugin vmaf VMAF (Video Multi-Method Assessment Fusion) is a perceptual video quality assessment algorithm developed by Netflix. Can also calculate PSNR, SSIM and MS-SSIM. Other 2019-10-12 Github | Doom9
VMAF models VSPlugin vmaf_models VMAF (Video Multi-Method Assessment Fusion) is a perceptual video quality assessment algorithm developed by Netflix. Can also calculate PSNR, SSIM and MS-SSIM. Other 2019-10-12 Github | Doom9
VSFilter VSPlugin vsf VSFilter with VapourSynth interface added, based on the source of MPC-BE v1.4.6 (build 1478) Subtitles 2019-07-18 Website | Github
VSFilterMod VSPlugin vsfm VSFilterMod with VapourSynth interface added Subtitles 2020-04-03 Website | Github
vsTAAmbk PyScript vsTAAmbk AA-script Scripts 2018-05-11 Website | Github
VSUtil PyScript vsutil A collection of general-purpose Vapoursynth functions to be reused in modules and scripts. Other 2019-05-04 Website | Github
Waifu2x VSPlugin w2xc Temporal chroma noise reducer Resizing and Format Conversion 2019-06-17 Website | Github
Waifu2x models VSPlugin w2xc_models Temporal chroma noise reducer Plugin Dependency 2019-06-17 Website | Github
Waifu2x NCNN Vulkan VSPlugin w2xnvk Waifu2x filter based on waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan Resizing and Format Conversion 2020-01-09 Github
Waifu2x NCNN Vulkan models VSPlugin w2xnvk_models Models for Waifu2x filter based on waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan Plugin Dependency 2019-11-28 Github
W3FDIF VSPlugin w3fdif Weston 3 Field Deinterlacing Filter. Deinterlacing 2016-06-22 Website | Github
AWarpSharp2 VSPlugin warp AWarpSharp2 sharpens edges by warping them. Other 2018-06-15 Website | Github | Doom9
Warpsharp VSPlugin warpsf Warpsharp floating point version Other 2019-08-24 Github | Doom9
WarpSharpSupport PyScript wss Script versions of support functions from WarpSharp Sharpening 2018-09-06 Website | Github
xaa PyScript xaa Many-in-one antialiasing script Scripts 2019-10-23 Github | Doom9
xvs PyScript xvs Script collection Scripts 2018-09-14 Github
xy-VSFilter VSPlugin xyvsf xy-VSFilter with VapourSynth interface added, based on the source of pinterf's fork Subtitles 2019-07-18 Github | Doom9
Yadifmod VSPlugin yadifmod Port of the Avisynth deinterlacer Deinterlacing 2017-02-07 Website | Github | Doom9
ZNEDI3 VSPlugin znedi3 Alternate optimized version of NNEDI3 Deinterlacing 2018-01-12 Website | Github