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Name type Namespace Description Category Published Links
Abcxyz abcxyz Reduces halo artifacts that can occur when sharpening. Dehaloing 2021-04-05 Website | Github
AddGrainC addgrainc Generates film like grain or other effects (like rain) by adding random noise to a video clip. Other 2022-02-15 Website | Github | Doom9
Adaptive Grain Mask agm Adaptive Grain Mask Other 2022-05-15 Github
amDCT amdct amDCT() is an adaptive video filter providing deblocking, sharpening, local range expansion, smoothing, and bright noise removal in a single filter that can be used on video of any level of quality. These four operations work synergistically to drastically reduce block artifacts while maintaining detail and increasing local contrast. Other 2019-01-22 Website | Doom9
Anime4KCPP anime4kcpp Implementation of Anime4K upscaler in C++ Resizing and Format Conversion 2021-01-19 Github
AnimeIVTC animeivtc Ivtc optimizied for different anime sources. Inverse Telecine 2023-03-27 Website | Github | Doom9
AnimeIVTC helper animeivtc_helper Helper function for AnimeIVTC Inverse Telecine 2020-03-03 Website | Github | Doom9
ASharp asharp Adaptive sharpening filter Sharpening 2020-09-25 Github
AssRender assrender AssRender is an AviSynth plugin that renders ASS/SSA and SRT (without the HTML-like markup) subtitles. It uses libass to render the subtitles, which makes it the fastest and most correct ASS renderer for AviSynth. Subtitles 2021-03-04 Website | Github
ASTDR astdr A Spatio-Temporal DeRainbowing function Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2021-04-12 Website | Github
AutoOverlay autooverlay The plugin is designed for auto-aligned optimal overlay of one video clip onto another. Other 2023-12-02 Website | Github | Doom9
Average average A simple plugin that calculates weighted average of multiple frames. Other 2021-10-08 Website | Github
AvsFilterNet avsfilternet The main objective of AvsFilterNet is to provide a wrapper for avisynth, making it possible to write simple filter in any .Net languages. Other 2023-12-02 Website | Github | Doom9
AvsInpaint avsinpaint Uses AVSInpaint to remove a logo, such as that of a TV station, from a specified clip. Image Inpainting is the art of restoring destroyed parts of an image by using information of valid parts of the image in a way, so that the human eye does not recognize the damaged areas (at least not at a first sight). In video processing image inpainting is often applied to videos in order to remove TV station logos. Other 2021-10-25 Website | Github
aWarpSharp awarpsharp This filter implements the same WarpSharpening algorithm as aWarpSharp by MarcFD, but with several bugfixes and optimizations. In addition to complete algorithm filter aWarpSharp2 parts of algorithm are also available as aSobel, aBlur, aWarp. Sharpening 2016-06-24 Website | Github
aWarpSharpMT awarpsharpmt Port of aWarpSharp plugin with new v2.6 API, x64 version and internal multi-threading. Sharpening 2023-11-20 Website | Github | Doom9
Bifrost bifrost A rainbow remover Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2021-04-30 Website | Github | Doom9
Bilateral bilateral Bilateral filter, can be used to perform spatial de-noise, spatial smoothing while preserving edges. Denoising 2021-04-04 Github
Bwdif bwdif Motion adaptive deinterlacing based on yadif with the use of w3fdif and cubic interpolation algorithms. Deinterlacing 2023-09-24 Github | Doom9
CAS cas Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS) is a low overhead adaptive sharpening algorithm and was created to provide natural sharpness without artifacts. Sharpening 2020-08-24 Github | Doom9
CombMask combmask CombMask is a simple filter that creates a comb mask that can (could) be used by other filters like MaskTools2. Other 2020-05-20 Website | Github
Convolution3D convolution3d Convolution3D is an Avisynth filter that will apply a 3D - temporal and/or spatial - convolution to a frame Denoising 2021-03-12 Website | Github
Contra-Sharpen mod csmod Contrasharpening is a technique that compares the differences between the clip before blurring (original) and after blurring (filtered), and sharpens locally with consequent strength. Sharpening 2021-03-23 Github
CullResize cullresize x64 port of modified resize functions for Destripe.avsi Resizing and Format Conversion 2017-08-22 Website | Github
DCTFilter dctfilter This plugin is a rewrite of DctFilter for avisynth. Other 2020-05-13 Website | Github
Deblock deblock Simple deblocking filter by Manao and Fizick. It does a deblocking of the picture, using the deblocking filter of h264. Back-ported from VapourSynth with high-bit-depth support. Other 2018-05-30 Website | Github
DeCross decross DeCross is a spatio-temporal cross color (rainbow) reduction filter. Must be used right after the source filter, before any field matching or deinterlacing. Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2020-05-15 Website | Github
DeDot dedot Dedot is a temporal cross color (rainbow) and cross luminance (dotcrawl) reduction filter. Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2021-09-07 Website | Github
Defish defish This filter can be used to correct (or induce) barrel and pincushion distortion. Other 2019-06-09 Github | Doom9
Deflicker deflicker DeFlicker plugin can remove old film intensity flicker by temporal mean luma smoothing. Also it can correct blinding of automatic gain control after flashes. The luma stabilizing not only improves visual impression, but can help to following noise reduction. Other 2019-05-23 Website | Github
Dehalo_alpha dehalo_alpha Reduce halo artifacts that can occur when sharpening. Dehaloing 2022-09-01 Website | Github
DeLogoHD delogohd DelogoHD is an overhaul of the original delogo filter Other 2021-09-20 Website | Github | Doom9
DFMDeRainbow dfmderainbow Creates mask to process only edges; rainbows are removed by hitting chroma planes with two passes of FluxSmooth (hence 'Double-Flux-Mask'). Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2020-06-02 Website | Github
Dfttest dfttest 2D/3D frequency domain denoiser using Discrete Fourier transform Denoising 2021-10-28 Website | Github
DotKill dotkill Spatio-temporal dotcrawl and rainbow remover Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2021-05-04 Github | Doom9
EEDI2 eedi2 EEDI2 (Enhanced Edge Directed Interpolation) resizes an image by 2x in the vertical direction by copying the existing image to 2*y(n) and interpolating the missing field. It is intended for edge-directed interpolation for deinterlacing Deinterlacing 2020-06-19 Website | Github
EEDI3 eedi3 This is a fork of Elegant's port of firesledge's EEDI3 mod so that it works with both x86 and x64 Deinterlacing 2018-03-23 Website | Github
EEDI3 OpenCL eedi3cl EEDI3 works by finding the best non-decreasing (non-crossing) warping between two lines by minimizing a cost functional. Deinterlacing 2023-07-22 Github
ExTools extools Pack of masktools2/removegrain replacement functions with internal Expr() and some extra features. Generally works faster in HBD, but slower in 8-bit. Denoising 2024-03-29 Github | Doom9
FastLineDarkMOD fastlinedarkenmod Line darkening script. Scripts 2020-03-03 Github
FFT3DFilter fft3dfilter FFT3DFilter Denoising 2021-10-18 Website | Github | Doom9
FFT3dGPU fft3dgpu FFT3dGPU Denoising 2021-01-04 Website | Github | Doom9
FFTW3 Library fftw3_library Package for the FFTW3 library shared between several plugins Plugin Dependency Website
FileSize filesize Get filesize in AviSynth. -1 bytes if file not found. Please note that return type is Float to avoid integer overflow. Other 2019-01-26 Website | Github
FillBorders fillborders This is a simple filter that fills the borders of a clip, without changing the clip's dimensions. VapourSynth port. Other 2023-04-26 Website | Github
FineDehalo finedehalo Halo removal script that uses DeHalo_alpha with a few masks and optional contra-sharpening to try remove halos without removing important details (like line edges) Dehaloing 2021-04-05 Website | Github
FluxSmooth fluxsmooth Avisynth filter for spatio-temporal smoothing of fluctuations Denoising 2019-04-26 Website | Github | Doom9
FrameRateConverter framerateconverter Increases the frame rate with interpolation and fine artifact removal. Other 2019-06-01 Website | Github | Doom9
FrameRateConverter framerateconverter_bin Increases the frame rate with interpolation and fine artifact removal. Other 2021-06-21 Website | Github | Doom9
Frfun7 frfun7 Frfun7 is a spatial fractal denoising plugin. Denoising 2022-06-29 Website | Github | Doom9
grayworld grayworld A color constancy filter that applies color correction based on the grayworld assumption. Port of the FFmpeg filter grayworld. Color/Levels 2022-04-10 Github
GRunT grunt GRunT (Gavino's Run-Time ) Other 2020-04-30 Website | Github | Doom9
HDRTools hdrtools HDRTools Color/Levels 2023-11-20 Website | Github | Doom9
HQDeringmod hqderingmod Applies deringing by using a smart smoother near edges (where ringing occurs) only. Other 2020-05-28 Website | Github
Hqdn3d hqdn3d High Quality DeNoise 3D is an AviSynth port of the MPlayer filter of the same name. It performs a 3-way low-pass filter, which can completely remove high-frequency noise while minimizing blending artifacts. Denoising 2022-02-12 Website | Github | Doom9
JincResize jincresize Jinc (EWA Lanczos) Resampler Plugin for Avisynth/Avisynth+ Resizing and Format Conversion 2022-12-23 Website | Github
JPSDR plugins pack jpsdr JPSDR Avisynth's plugins pack: AutoYUY2, NNEDI3, ResampleMT/Desample, aWarpSharpMT, HDRTools Other 2023-11-20 Website | Github | Doom9
KNLMeansCL knlmeanscl OpenCL Non-local means denoising Denoising 2018-01-29 Website | Github | Doom9
LoadDLL loaddll Load External .dll into AviSynth manually Other 2020-05-01 Website | Github | Doom9
LSFmod lsfmod A LimitedSharpenFaster mod with a lot of new features and optimizations. Sharpening 2022-10-21 Website | Github
MaskTools2 masktools MaskTools 2 Other 2022-02-19 Website | Github | Doom9
MatchHistogram matchhistogram MatchHistogram modifies one clip's histogram to match the histogram of another clip. VapourSynth port. Color/Levels 2020-08-24 Website | Github | Doom9
MCBob mcbob Motion compensated bobbing without residual combing, due to STT (Shape Transposition Technology) Deinterlacing 2020-07-02 Website | Github
Median median Median is a plugin which generates a pixel-by-pixel median of several clips. This is particularly useful for filtering out noise and glitches from multiple VHS/SVHS/8mm/Hi8 tape captures, but can be used for other purposes also. Other 2016-01-16 Website | Doom9
MedianBlur2 medianblur2 MedianBlur2 is an implementation of constant time median filter Other 2021-01-30 Website | Github
MosquitoNR mosquitonr MosquitoNR is a noise reduction filter designed for mosquito noise, which is often caused by lossy compression such as MPEG Denoising 2022-04-27 Github | Doom9
MPEG2DecPlus mpeg2decplus MPEG2DecPlus is a project to modernize DGDecode.dll for AviSynth+ Source/Output 2022-05-15 Website | Github
MSharpen msharpen MSharpen is a very simple masked sharpening plugin for AviSynth. This version is a reimplementation of the old neuron2's plugin Sharpening 2013-11-30 Website | Github
MTCombMask mtcombmask This filter produces a mask showing areas that are combed. Other 2022-08-06 Github
mToon mtoon Line darkening Other 2021-03-25 Github
MVTools mvtools MVTools Other 2021-06-08 Website | Github
Neo DFTTest neo_dfttest A 2D/3D Frequency Domain denoiser Denoising 2022-08-30 Website | Github | Doom9
Neo f3kdb neo_f3kdb Feband filter originally written for AviUtl. Fork of flash3kyuu_deband with focus on AviSynth+ native high bit depth support. Other 2022-12-16 Website | Github | Doom9
Neo FFT3D neo_fft3d 3D frequency domain denoiser/sharpener. Forked from fft3dfilter. Denoising 2021-08-17 Github | Doom9
Neo MiniDeen neo_minideen MiniDeen is a spatial denoising filter. It replaces every pixel with the average of its neighbourhood. Denoising 2021-09-27 Website | Github | Doom9
Neo Temporal Median neo_tmedian Neo Temporal Median is a temporal denoising filter. It replaces every pixel with the median of its temporal neighbourhood. Denoising 2021-09-27 Github
Neo Vague Denoiser neo_vd A wavelet based denoiser. Denoising 2020-06-22 Github | Doom9
NNEDI3 nnedi3 nnedi3 is an intra-field only deinterlacer and is also very good for enlarging images by powers of 2 Deinterlacing 2023-11-20 Website | Github | Doom9
NNEDI3CL nnedi3cl Deinterlacing Deinterlacing 2023-06-28 Github
NotSMDegrain notsmdegrain (SMDegrain - pre 2021 version) General purpose simple degrain function. Pure temporal denoiser. Basically a wrapper(function)/frontend of mvtools2+mdegrain with some added common related options Denoising 2021-07-27 Website | Github | Doom9
PropToClip proptoclip Extracts a clip from the frames attached to the frame property prop in clip. Other 2021-11-05 Github
QTGMC qtgmc A high quality deinterlacer using motion-compensated temporal smoothing, with a range of features for quality and convenienceA LimitedSharpenFaster mod with a lot of new features and optimizations. Deinterlacing 2022-10-17 Website | Github | Doom9
RawSource_2.6x rawsource AviSynth source filter plugin for loading raw video data from files Source/Output 2023-12-04 Website | Github | Doom9
ReduceFlicker reduceflicker Reduces temporal oscillations. Other 2020-09-22 Website | Github
RemoveDirt removedirt RemoveDirt is a temporal cleaner. With Avisynth v2.6 interface (x86/x64), adding new color spaces Other 2021-02-23 Website | Github | Doom9
RemoveGrainHD removegrainhd 'HD' version of RemoveGrain. Denoising 2021-02-25 Website | Github
RgTools rgtools RgTools is a modern rewrite of RemoveGrain, Repair, BackwardClense, Clense, ForwardClense and VerticalCleaner in a single plugin. RgTools is mostly backward compatible to the original plugins. Other 2021-05-26 Website | Github
SangNom2 sangnom2 It's a single field deinterlacer using edge-directed interpolation but nowadays it's mainly used in anti-aliasing scripts. Replaces old SangNom. Deinterlacing 2023-08-02 Website | Github | Doom9
AviSynthShader + SuperRes shader This plugin allows running HLSL pixel shaders within AviSynth. This gives access to various HLSL filters that haven't been programmed in AviSynth. Other 2020-06-17 Website | Github | Doom9
AviSynthShader + SuperRes shader_bin This plugin allows running HLSL pixel shaders within AviSynth. This gives access to various HLSL filters that haven't been programmed in AviSynth. Other 2020-06-17 Website | Github | Doom9
SmoothAdjust smoothadjust Contains 5 plugins that have a smoothing & dithering algorithm to avoid banding issue Color/Levels 2015-11-15 Website | Doom9
SmoothSkip smoothskip A filter that finds the biggest frame difference(s) in cycles of frames and inserts new frames right before, frames picked from another clip. The plugin's name hints at the original purpose, removing skips/jumps/'jerkiness' from clips that were badly recorded. Other 2021-09-11 Github | Doom9
SmoothUV smoothuv A spatial derainbow filter Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2022-06-12 Github | Doom9
SmoothUV2 smoothuv2 Dot Crawl and Rainbows Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2022-06-12 Github
srestore srestore Mighty deblending and decimation filter Other 2020-03-03 Website | Github | Doom9
SSIMULACRA ssimulacra SSIMULACRA - Structural SIMilarity Unveiling Local And Compression Related Artifacts. Other 2023-11-21 Github
TCannyMod tcannymod Canny edge detection filter for Avisynth2.6x based on tcanny by tritical. Other 2020-05-15 Website | Github | Doom9
TComb tcomb TComb is a temporal comb filter. It reduces cross-luminance (dot crawl) and cross-chrominance (rainbows) artifacts in static areas of the picture. Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2021-02-24 Website | Github | Doom9
TCPDeliver tcpdeliver Send clips over your network. Other 2017-02-13 Website | Github
TDeint tdeint TDeint is a bi-directionally, motion adaptive, sharp deinterlacer. Deinterlacing 2024-03-02 Website | Github
TEdgeMask temmod modified TEdgeMask for Avisynth2.6x Other 2020-05-13 Website | Github
TIVTC tivtc This is a modernization effort on tritical's TIVTC (v1.0.5) plugin for Avisynth Inverse Telecine 2024-03-02 Website | Github
TMM2 tmm2 TMM2 builds a motion-mask for TDeint, which TDeint uses via its 'emask' parameter. Other 2020-06-30 Website | Github
TNLMeans tnlmeans TNLMeans is an implementation of the Non-local means denoising denoising algorithm. It also supports extension into 3D and a faster, block based approach. Denoising 2021-04-10 Website | Github | Doom9
TurnsTile turnstile A mosaic and palette effects plugin for Avisynth. Other 2020-07-17 Website | Github | Doom9
VariableBlur variableblur VariableBlur is a Gaussian, binomial or average blur filter with a variable radius (variance). Also includes an unsharp mask filter based on the Gaussian filter meaning it is fast for big variance. Other 2019-04-28 Website | Github | Doom9
Vinverse vinverse Vinverse is a simple filter to remove residual combing, based on an AviSynth script by Didée and originally written by tritical. This plugin also includes a fast implementation of Vinverse2 function. Other 2022-04-22 Website | Github
vsCnr2 vscnr2 Cnr2 is a temporal denoiser designed to denoise only the chroma. Denoising 2022-06-15 Website | Github
vsDeblockPP7 vsdeblockpp7 A port of the MPlayer PP7 deblocking filter. Postprocessing filter 7 is variant of the spp filter, similar to spp=6 with 7 point DCT, where only the center sample is used after IDCT. Other 2020-07-11 Website | Github
vsDeGrainMedian vsdegrainmedian DeGrainMedian is a spatio-temporal limited median denoiser. It uses various methods to replace every pixel with one selected from its 3x3 neighbourhood, from either the current, previous, or next frame. Denoising 2021-04-15 Website | Github | Doom9
VSFilterMod vsfiltermod VSFilterMod Subtitles 2022-05-21 Website | Github
vsLGhost vslghost Luminance Ghost reduction filter. Can be used for removing luminance ghost or edge ghost (ringing). Other 2020-08-29 Website | Github
vsMSharpen vsmsharpen MSharpen is a sharpener that tries to sharpen only edges. VapourSynth port. Sharpening 2020-05-29 Website | Github
vsMSmooth vsmsmooth vsMSmooth is a spatial smoother that doesn't touch edges. Denoising 2020-06-25 Website | Github
vsTBilateral vstbilateral TBilateral is a spatial smoothing filter that uses the bilateral filtering algorithm. It does a nice job of smoothing while retaining picture structure. Denoising 2020-07-18 Website | Github | Doom9
vsTCanny vstcanny Builds an edge map using canny edge detection. Other 2022-03-27 Github | Doom9
vsTEdgeMask vstedgemask Builds an edge map using canny edge detection. VapourSynth port of TEdgeMask Other 2022-05-26 Website | Github
vsTMM vstmm TMM builds a motion-mask for TDeint. This is a port of the VapourSynth TMM plugin. Other 2020-08-24 Website | Github
vsTTempSmooth vsttempsmooth TTempSmooth is a motion adaptive (it only works on stationary parts of the picture), temporal smoothing filter. Denoising 2023-07-21 Website | Github | Doom9
WarpSharp warpsharp WarpSharp Sharpening 2012-04-25 Website
xyVSFilter xyvsfilter xy-VSFilter, modification by pinterf Subtitles 2024-01-23 Website | Github
Yadifmod2 yadifmod2 YadifMod2 = Yadif + YadifMod Deinterlacing 2023-07-22 Website | Github
Zs_RF_Shared zs_rf_shared Shared Functions and utility Scripts 2023-03-27 Website | Github | Doom9