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Name type Namespace Description Category Links
Descale Script descale Undoes resizing (Wrapper for Descale plugin) Resizing and Format Conversion Github | Doom9
Descale descale Undo linear interpolation. Usage of the bundled descale py-script is strongly adviced. Resizing and Format Conversion Github | Doom9
DFTTest dfttest 2D/3D frequency domain denoiser Denoising Github
DFTTest dfttest Dfttest - 2D/3D frequency domain denoiser Denoising Website
ContinuityFixer edgefixer Can help repair damaged borders of frames. edgefixer port Borders and Cropping Website | Github
EdgeFixer edgefixer EdgeFixer repairs bright and dark line artifacts near the border of an image. Borders and Cropping Github
TemporalSoften focus VapourSynth Pixel Restoration Filters Denoising Website | Github
TemporalSoften focus VapourSynth TemporalSoften Filter Denoising Website | Github
RemoveGrain rgvs RemoveGrain VapourSynth Port Denoising Website | Github | AvsWiki
RgToolsVS rgvs Wrapper for RGVS, RGSF, and various median plugins as well as some functions that largely utilize them. Denoising Github
xy-VSFilter xyvsf xy-VSFilter Subtitles Github
xy-VSFilter xyvsf xy-VSFilter with VapourSynth interface added, based on the source of pinterf's fork Subtitles Github | Doom9
mxDnCNN mx A MXNet implement of the paper "Beyond a Gaussian Denoiser: Residual Learning of Deep CNN for Image Denoising" Denoising Github
MXNet mx Use MXNet to accelerated Image-Processing in VapourSynth. unknown Github