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Name type Namespace Description Category Published Links
AdaptiveBinarize abrz Adaptive Binarize based on OpenCV's Adaptive Thresholding Other 2022-07-14 Github
autocrop acrop AutoCrop for Vapoursynth Other 2017-04-19 Website | Github
adjust adjust A script equivalent of Avisynth's Tweak function Color/Levels 2021-10-06 Website | Github
Expr akarin Akarin's experimental VapourSynth plugin that provides an LLVM-based enhanced Expr (aka lexpr), and NVidia Deep Learning based super-resolution (DLISR) and video effect (DLVFX) filters Other 2022-10-09 Github
Anime4KCPP anime4kcpp Implementation of Anime4K upscaler in C++ Resizing and Format Conversion 2021-01-19 Github
AreaResize area AreaResize is an area average downscale resizer plugin. Downscaling in 8-16 bit RGB is also gamma corrected. Resizing and Format Conversion 2021-05-06 Github
ASharp asharp Adaptive sharpening filter Sharpening 2020-05-02 Github
assrender assrender assrender with VapourSynth interface added, based on the source of pinterf's fork Subtitles 2023-11-07 Website | Github
ASTDR ASTDR ASTDR is a derainbow function. ASTDRmc performs motion compensation before calling ASTDR Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2022-07-14 Website | Github
Atomch Tools atomchtools Collection of different functions like masking, range or ivtc Other 2021-05-26 Github
vs-average average Averages multiple clips together. The general idea is to be able to take multiple sources of the same video, and average them together, to negate effects of lossy compression. Can also be effective for temporal blurring. Other 2021-08-10 Github
AVISource (obsolete) avisource VapourSynth AVISource Source/Output 2021-09-11 Website | Github
AvsReader avsr AviSynth Script Reader plugin for VapourSynth Source/Output 2016-05-10 Github | Doom9
AvsProxy avsw Avisynth 32-bit proxy Other 2021-08-29 Website | Github | Doom9
BestAudioSource bas A super great audio source and FFmpeg wrapper Source/Output 2021-09-11 Github | Doom9
BezierCurve bezier Vapoursynth-BezierCurve is a plugin which allow you to adjust a clip by specifying a quadratic or a cubic bezier curve. Other 2019-12-22 Website | Github
Bifrost bifrost A rainbow remover based on the Bifrost filter for Avisynth Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2024-05-08 Website | Github | Doom9
Bilateral bilateral Bilateral filter for VapourSynth Denoising 2014-11-08 Website | Github | Doom9
BilateralGPU bilateralgpu Bilateral filter for VapourSynth based on the OpenCV-CUDA library Denoising 2023-10-18 Website | Github
BilateralGPU RTC bilateralgpu_rtc Bilateral filter for VapourSynth based on the CUDA (nvrtc) library Denoising 2023-10-18 Website | Github
BM3D bm3d Denoising filter using the BM3D algorithm Denoising 2019-01-03 Website | Github | Doom9
BM3DCPU bm3dcpu CPU version of BM3DCUDA. Requires AVX2 support Denoising 2023-11-11 Github
BM3DCUDA bm3dcuda BM3D denoising filter for VapourSynth, implemented in CUDA Denoising 2023-11-11 Github
BM3DCUDA RTC bm3dcuda_rtc BM3D denoising filter for VapourSynth, implemented in CUDA. The RTC version compiles GPU code at runtime, which might run faster at the cost of a slight overhead. Denoising 2023-11-11 Github
BM3DCUDA HIP bm3dhip BM3D algorithm implemented in HIP (AMD) Denoising 2023-11-11 Github
BM3DCUDA SYCL bm3dsycl BM3D algorithm implemented in SYCL Denoising 2023-11-11 Github
BM3DCUDA SYCL Runtimes bm3dsycl_runtimes Runtimes for BM3D SYCL Plugin Dependency 2023-11-11 Github
bore bore This is a bbmod-style border deringer, which works by multiplying every pixel by the average of dividing each pixel in a line by its nearest pixel in the next line. Unlike bbmod, this doesn't attempt to localize the result and just assumes the same adjustment to be made for the entire row. It's effectively an automated FixBrightness/rektlvls, hence the name. Other 2024-02-22 Github
BestSource bs A general source plugin based on FFmpeg with focus on accurate 'seeking' Source/Output 2024-04-25 Github | Doom9
Butteraugli butteraugli Butteraugli estimates the psychovisual similarity of two images Other 2020-03-14 Github
Bwdif bwdif Motion adaptive deinterlacing based on yadif with the use of w3fdif and cubic interpolation algorithms. Deinterlacing 2021-09-26 Github | Doom9
CAS - Contrast Adaptive Sharpening cas Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS) is a low overhead adaptive sharpening algorithm and was created to provide natural sharpness without artifacts. Sharpening 2020-07-05 Github | Doom9
Checkmate checkmate Spatial and temporal dot crawl reducer. Checkmate is most effective in static or low motion scenes. Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2022-07-10 Github
chromanr chromanr FFmpeg's chromanr for VapourSynth. Denoising 2023-08-01 Github
chromanr cuda chromanrcuda FFmpeg's chromanr for VapourSynth, cuda version Denoising 2023-08-02 Github
Cnr2 cnr2 Temporal chroma noise reducer Denoising 2016-07-02 Website | Github | Doom9
ColorBars colorbars SMPTE RP 219-2:2016 and ITU-R BT.2111 color bar generator for VapourSynth. Source/Output 2023-01-05 Website | Github
colorfade colorfade Vapoursynth script for bi-directional, linear blending of a frame over a specified range with a target color. Other 2018-07-25 Website | Github
CTMF ctmf Constant Time Median Filtering Other 2020-07-08 Website | Github | Doom9
Curve curve Apply color adjustments using curves similar to Adobe Photoshop and GIMP curves tools. Color/Levels 2019-08-14 Github | Doom9
ccl_filter cv_ccl Vapoursynth Connected Components Label Filtering from OpenCV. Mask connected components label filtering. Other 2024-05-02 Github
cv_hfs cv_hfs Image segmentation with OpenCV Hierarchical Feature Selection module Other 2022-10-25 Github
cv_inpaint cv_inpaint Image Inpainting with OpenCV Other 2022-10-20 Github
D2V Source d2v Frame accurate mpeg2 source filter Source/Output 2023-10-09 Website | Github | Doom9
damb damb Audio file reader and writer Other 2015-02-06 Website | Github | Doom9
DCTFilter dctf DCT/IDCT Frequency Suppressor Other 2017-12-23 Website | Github
Deblock deblock h.264 style deblocking Other 2017-06-13 Website | Github | Doom9
DeCross decross DeCross is a spatio-temporal cross color (rainbow) reduction filter Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2018-06-13 Website | Github | Doom9
DeDot dedot Dedot is a temporal cross color (rainbow) and cross luminance (dotcrawl) reduction filter. Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2018-08-04 Website | Github
DeLogo delogo Port of the Avisynth logo removal filter Other 2015-12-23 Website | Github | Doom9
DeLogoHD delogohd DelogoHD is an overhaul of the original delogo filter Other 2021-09-20 Website | Github | Doom9
DePan depan Tools for estimation and compensation of global motion (pan) Other 2022-01-26 Github
Descale descale Undoes resizing Resizing and Format Conversion 2023-11-29 Website | Github | Doom9
Descale Script descale Undoes resizing Resizing and Format Conversion 2022-04-02 Website | Github | Doom9
DeScratch descratch This plugin removes vertical scratches from films. Also it can be used for removing of horizontal noise lines such as drop-outs from analog VHS captures (after image rotation) Other 2024-05-04 Website | Github | Doom9
Destripe destripe A descale wrapper for anime destriping Resizing and Format Conversion 2021-08-04 Github
DFMDerainbow dfmderainbow DFMDerainbow is a derainbow function. DFMDerainbowMC performs motion compensation before calling DFMDerainbow. Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2022-10-17 Website | Github
DFTTest dfttest Denoising 2020-07-05 Website | Github | Doom9
DGHDRtoSDR dghdrtosdr Convert HDR to SDR Color/Levels 2021-11-20 Website
degrainmedian dgm Spatio-temporal limited median denoiser Denoising 2016-08-07 Website | Github | Doom9
DGMVCSourceVS DGMVC VapourSynth port of DGMVCSource, a MVC source filter Source/Output 2016-12-05 Website | Github
dmetrics dmetrics Attaches the match metrics calculated by Telecide (decomb package) to frames as properties Other 2022-05-18 Github
DotKill dotkill Spatio-temporal dotcrawl and rainbow remover for VapourSynth Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2020-08-18 Github | Doom9
Dovi Library dovi_library Windows precompiled DLL of the dolby_vision crate/library C-API Plugin Dependency 2024-03-23 Website | Github
Dpid dpid Rapid, Detail-Preserving Image Downscaler Resizing and Format Conversion 2022-09-19 Website | Github
Draw draw A simple alternative to MaskTools2's mt_lutspa. Other 2020-02-22 Github
EdgeFixer edgefixer EdgeFixer repairs bright and dark line artifacts near the border of an image. Other 2020-08-22 Website | Github
edi_rpow2 edi_rpow2 Enlarges images by powers of 2 Resizing and Format Conversion Website | Doom9
EEDI2 eedi2 Deinterlacing 2017-03-04 Website | Github | Doom9
EEDI3 (obsolete) eedi3 Edge directed interpolation filter Deinterlacing 2021-09-23 Website | Github
EEDI3m eedi3m EEDI3 fork with OpenCL and speed optimization by HolyWu Deinterlacing 2018-12-11 Website | Github | Doom9
EqualizeHist ehist Histogram Equalization Other 2022-07-24 Github
fillborders fb A simple filter that fills the borders of a clip, without changing the clip's dimensions Other 2021-01-26 Website | Github
FFmpegSource2 ffms2 A general source plugin based on FFmpeg Source/Output 2020-08-22 Website | Github | Doom9
FFT3DFilter fft3dfilter 3D frequency domain denoiser/sharpener Denoising 2021-09-11 Website | Github
FFTSpectrum fftspectrum A VapourSynth filter that displays the FFT frequency spectrum of a given clip. Supposedly useful for determining original resolution of upscaled anime content. Other 2019-01-30 Github
FFTW3 Library fftw3_library Package for the FFTW3 library shared between several plugins Plugin Dependency 2022-11-08 Website | Github
FieldHint fh FieldHint Plugin Other 2015-08-18 Website | Github
FluxSmooth flux Temporal-spatiotemporal denoiser Denoising 2016-08-20 Website | Github | Doom9
fmtconv fmtc High quality bitdepth, colorspace conversion and resizing Resizing and Format Conversion 2022-08-31 Website | Github | Doom9
TemporalSoften2 focus2 Remove noise from a video clip by selectively blending pixels Denoising 2018-07-03 Website | Github
fpng fpng A fast PNG writer. Faster than imwri Other 2022-05-01 Github | Doom9
FrameRateConverter frc Increases the frame rate with interpolation and fine artifact removal. Other 2021-06-21 Github | Doom9
Frfun7 frfun7 Frfun7 is a spatial fractal denoising filter Denoising 2022-07-01 Github
Fix-Telecined-Fades ftf Fix Telecined Fades Other 2017-01-28 Website | Github | Doom9
fvsfunc fvsfunc Mostly wrapper functions or ports of AviSynth functions Scripts 2022-10-13 Website | Github
AddGrain grain Port of the Avisynth AddGrain filter Other 2022-02-26 Website | Github | Doom9
Grayworld grwrld A color constancy filter that applies color correction based on the grayworld assumption. This is a port of the FFmpeg filter grayworld. Color/Levels 2022-04-10 Github
havsfunc havsfunc A collection of ported popular Avisynth scripts such as QTGMC Scripts 2023-04-30 Website | Github | Doom9
Histogram hist Port of the Histogram() function from Avisynth. Other 2018-06-07 Github
HQDn3D hqdn3d Port of the HQDn3D filter for mplayer Denoising 2018-08-08 Website | Github
ICCConvert iccc Little CMS based ICC profile simulation for VapourSynth. Color/Levels 2024-05-13 Github | Doom9
ImageMagick Writer-Reader (IMWRI) imwri ImageMagick Writer-Reader (IMWRI) is a plugin that can read and write many image formats. Source/Output 2022-06-27 Website | Github
insaneAA insaneaa Use this script to fix ugly upscaled anime BDs. Protect FullHD captions, credits on OP/ED with a mask! Scripts 2021-10-21 Github
IT it Port of the inverse telecine filter for Avisynth Inverse Telecine 2014-10-15 Website | Github | Doom9
JincResize jinc Jinc (EWA Lanczos) resampling plugin Resizing and Format Conversion 2020-06-20 Github | Doom9
julek julek Collection of quality metric filters Other 2023-01-19 Github
kagefunc kagefunc Several (edge) masking functions, adaptive grain, hybrid denoise Scripts 2022-04-05 Website | Github
KNLMeansCL knlm OpenCL Non-local means denoising Denoising 2018-01-29 Website | Github | Doom9
LGhost lghost Ghost reduction filter. Can be used for removing luminance ghost or edge ghost (ringing). Other 2020-07-05 Github | Doom9
LibP2P libp2p Vapoursynth plugin for packing/unpacking of RGB clips. Other 2021-08-26 Github
LimitedSharpen2 limitedsharpen2 LimitedSharpen2 is a multipurpose sharpening function Sharpening 2020-05-02 Github
lostfunc lostfunc A collection of scripts mostly posted on doom9 forums. Scripts 2018-10-04 Website | Github
LSMASHSource lsmas A general source plugin based on FFmpeg. Can open MP4, MOV, ISO base media without having to create an index file. Source/Output 2024-04-08 Github | Doom9
MatchHistogram matchhist MatchHistogram modifies one clip's histogram to match the histogram of another clip. Will produce weird results if frame contents are dissimilar. Color/Levels 2019-09-07 Github
MCDenoise MCDenoise A temporal smoother Denoising Website | Doom9
Median median Other 2019-05-10 Github
MiniDeen minideen MiniDeen is a spatial denoising filter. It replaces every pixel with the average of its neighbourhood. This is a port of the 'a2d' method from the Avisynth plugin Deen, version beta 2. Denoising 2021-03-27 Website | Github | Doom9
Miscfilters (obsolete) misc Miscellaneous Filters is a random collection of filters that mostly are useful for Avisynth compatibility. Other 2021-09-23 Website | Github
MotionMask motionmask MotionMask creates a mask of moving pixels. Every output pixel will be set to the absolute difference between the current frame and the previous frame. Other 2018-06-20 Website | Github | Doom9
ReadMpls mpls Returns a list of all files and paths in a mpls playlist Source/Output 2021-10-04 Website | Github | Doom9
MSmoosh msmoosh High quality bitdepth, colorspace conversion and resizing Other 2014-09-26 Website | Github | Doom9
MTCombMask mtcm Produces a mask showing areas that are combed Other 2022-07-04 Github
muvsfunc muvsfunc Muonium's VapourSynth functions Scripts 2024-03-28 Website | Github
MVTools mv MVTools port Other 2020-05-08 Website | Github | Doom9
mvmulti mvmulti Wrapper functions for mvsf Scripts 2017-06-20 Website | Github
MVTools (float) mvsf MVTools port Other 2017-06-20 Website | Github | Doom9
mvsfunc mvsfunc Wrapper functions to make certain operations simpler Scripts 2023-03-21 Website | Github | Doom9
vsmlrt-vsncnn ncnn NCNN-based ML GPU (Vulkan) Filter Runtime. Includes support for on-the-fly ONNX to ncnn native format conversion. Other 2024-04-25 Website | Github
Neo DFTTest neo_dfttest A 2D/3D Frequency Domain denoiser Denoising 2022-08-30 Website | Github | Doom9
Neo f3kdb neo_f3kdb Basically like f3kdb but with legacy format support removed (in Avisynth) and with new sample modes. Other 2022-12-16 Github | Doom9
Neo FFT3D neo_fft3d 3D frequency domain denoiser/sharpener. Forked from fft3dfilter. Denoising 2021-08-17 Github | Doom9
Neo MiniDeen neo_minideen MiniDeen is a spatial denoising filter. It replaces every pixel with the average of its neighbourhood. Denoising 2021-09-27 Website | Github | Doom9
Neo Temporal Median neo_tmedian Neo Temporal Median is a temporal denoising filter. It replaces every pixel with the median of its temporal neighbourhood. Denoising 2021-09-27 Github
Neo Vague Denoiser neo_vd A wavelet based denoiser. Denoising 2020-06-22 Github | Doom9
nlm_cuda nlm_cuda Non-local means denoise filter in CUDA, drop-in replacement of the KNLMeansCL filter Denoising 2023-01-19 Github
nlm-ispc nlm_ispc Non-local means denoise filter implemented in ISPC. Drop-in replacement of the venerable KNLMeansCL, but without the OpenCL dependency (CPU only). Denoising 2022-04-18 Github
NNEDI3 nnedi3 Field interpolator/deinterlacer Deinterlacing 2018-09-29 Website | Github | Doom9
NNEDI3CL nnedi3cl OpenCL version of NNEDI3 Deinterlacing 2019-10-01 Website | Github | Doom9
nnedi3_resample nnedi3_resample Resizing and Format Conversion 2022-08-12 Website | Github
nnedi3_rpow2 nnedi3_rpow2 Enlarges images by powers of 2 Resizing and Format Conversion 2020-11-08 Website
NNEDI3 Weights nnedi3_weights Package for the NNEDI3 weights shared between several plugins Plugin Dependency Website
vs-noise noise Generates film like noise or other effects (like rain) by adding random noise to a video clip Other 2024-04-08 Github
NoiseGen noisegen NoiseGen - VapouSynth Noise Generator Other 2018-10-23 Website | Github
NRDB nrdb NRDB is a debanding function. It removes the noise in the input clip, debands, and adds the noise back. This is a port of the Avisynth function of the same name. Other 2022-02-05 Github
OCR ocr Performs optical character recognition on video frames. Tesseract language data files are required. Other 2023-10-01 Website | Github
vsmlrt-vsort ort ONNX Runtime ML Filter. Optimized for CPU & CUDA. Other 2024-04-25 Website | Github
vsmlrt-vsov ov OpenVINO ML Filter Runtime. Optimized for CPU. Other 2024-04-25 Website | Github
Oyster Oyster Oyster is an experimental implement of the Blocking Matching concept, designed specifically for compression artifacts removal. Scripts 2020-05-30 Website | Github | Doom9
vs-placebo placebo libplacebo-based debanding, scaling and color mapping plugin for VapourSynth Other 2024-04-26 Github
Plum Plum Plum is a sharpening/blind deconvolution suite with certain advanced features like Non-Local error, Block Matching, etc.. Other 2017-07-15 Website | Github | Doom9
DeblockPP7 pp7 Port of pp7 from MPlayer. Similar to spp=6 with 7 point DCT where only the center sample is used after IDCT. Other 2018-04-29 Website | Github
PlaneStatsMod psm PlaneStats with threshold Other 2022-08-24 Github
pvsfunc pvsfunc PHOENiX's compilation of VapourSynth Script's and Functions Other 2022-04-28 Github | Doom9
QRCodeSource qr VapourSynth & Avisynth plugin to provide a means to embed QR codes in video Source/Output 2016-07-15 Website | Github
RainbowSmooth RainbowSmooth RainbowSmooth is a script which adds edge detection to SmoothUV. It is a port of the Avisynth function rainbow_smooth() Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2022-02-22 Website | Github | Doom9
RealCUGAN-ncnn-Vulkan rcnv Real-CUGAN (Real Cascade U-Nets) super resolution for VapourSynth, based on realcugan-ncnn-vulkan. Designed for anime Resizing and Format Conversion 2022-07-30 Github
RealCUGAN-ncnn-Vulkan models rcnv Models for RealCUGAN-ncnn-Vulkan Plugin Dependency 2022-07-30 Github
ReduceFlicker rdfl ReduceFlicker performs controlled averaging of a frame with its two adjacent temporal neighbors. Controlled means that averaging only takes place in the presence of oscillations. Other 2021-10-06 Github
Chroma reconstruction recon Make chroma great again Other 2023-06-15 Github
RemapFrames remap Allows easy remapping of frames in a clip through the use of a text file or an input string. Other 2019-09-02 Github
resamplehq resamplehq Gamma correct resizing in linear light (RGB) Scripts 2021-01-11 Website | Github
Retinex retinex Dynamic range compression Other 2018-12-27 Website | Github | Doom9
RGVS (float) rgsf RemoveGrain Single Precision Denoising 2016-01-25 Website | Github | Doom9
RemoveGrain rgvs RemoveGrain is a spatial denoising filter with various filtering modes. Denoising 2021-09-09 Website | Github
RealSR rsnv RealSR super resolution for VapourSynth, based on realsr-ncnn-vulkan. Only supports 4x scale. Resizing and Format Conversion 2022-07-10 Github
RealSR models rsnv_models Model files for RealSR Plugin Dependency 2020-10-08 Github
SangNom sangnom SangNom is a single field deinterlacer using edge-directed interpolation but nowadays it's mainly used in anti-aliasing scripts. Deinterlacing 2020-08-03 Website | Github | Doom9
Scxvid scxvid Scene change detection plugin for VapourSynth, using xvidcore. Other 2014-12-24 Website | Github
SmoothUV smoothuv A spatial derainbow filter Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2022-06-01 Website | Github | Doom9
SRMD srmdnv SRMD super resolution for VapourSynth, based on srmd-ncnn-vulkan. Resizing and Format Conversion 2022-07-10 Github
SRMD models srmdnv_models SRMD super resolution for VapourSynth, based on srmd-ncnn-vulkan. Resizing and Format Conversion 2020-06-23 Github
SSIMULACRA2 ssimulacra2 Perceptual metric Other 2024-01-19 Github
SSIQ ssiq Spatial derainbowing filter Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2013-10-01 Website | Github
stgfunc stgfunc Various functions and utils Other 2023-12-17 Github
Subtext sub Subtitle plugin for VapourSynth based on libass. Subtitles 2023-10-04 Website | Github
TBilateral tbilateral Bilateral spatial denoising filter Denoising 2021-03-27 Github
TCanny tcanny Canny edge detection Other 2022-01-15 Website | Github | Doom9
tcasFilter tcax Renders TCAS files, a subtitle fx format mostly used for karaoke. Subtitles 2021-08-12 Github
TColorMask tcm VapourSynth port of tp7's Avisynth plugin. Great solution if you need to build some masks on color values. Only 8 bit clips are allowed at this time. Other 2018-08-03 Website | Github
TComb tcomb A temporal comb filter, it reduces rainbowing and dot crawl artifacts in static areas of the picture Dot Crawl and Rainbows 2020-06-23 Website | Github | Doom9
TCPClip tcpclip Python class for distributed video processing and encoding Other 2020-08-30 Github
TDeintMod tdm Port of the Avisynth deinterlacer Deinterlacing 2018-03-10 Website | Github | Doom9
TEdgeMask tedgemask TEdgeMask is an edge detection filter. This is a port of the TEdgeMask/TEMmod Avisynth plugins. Other 2019-03-13 Github | Doom9
TimeCube timecube SIMULTANEOUS 4-DAY TIME CUBE Other 2022-01-28 Website | Github
TIVTC tivtc Field matching and decimation Inverse Telecine 2021-03-17 Github | Doom9
TempLinearApproximate tla A temporal smoother Denoising Website | Doom9
TMaskCleaner tmc A really simple mask cleaning plugin for VapourSynth based on mt_hysteresis. Other 2017-11-05 Website | Github
TemporalMedian tmedian TemporalMedian is a temporal denoising filter. It replaces every pixel with the median of its temporal neighbourhood. This filter will introduce ghosting, so use with caution. Denoising 2018-07-25 Website | Github
TNLMeans tnlm TNLMeans is an implementation of the Non-local means denoising denoising algorithm. It also supports extension into 3D and a faster, block based approach. Denoising 2015-02-25 Website | Github
Tonemap tonemap A filter for converting high dynamic range (HDR) video to standard dynamic range (SDR). Resizing and Format Conversion 2018-08-10 Website | Github
vctrans trans Numerous functions for transitons Other 2015-09-10 Website | Doom9
vsmlrt-vstrt trt TensorRT ML Filter. Optimized CUDA runtime. Other 2024-04-25 Website | Github
TTempSmooth ttmpsm TTempSmooth is a motion adaptive (it only works on stationary parts of the picture), temporal smoothing filter. Denoising 2021-10-10 Website | Github | Doom9
vcm vcm This is a consolidation of vcmod, vcfreq, vcmove and addition of a few other functions. Some frequency domain functions. Other 2022-02-12 Website | Github
VFRToCFR vfrtocfr VFR to CFR Video Converter Other 2017-07-04 Website | Github
vfx - Special Effects vfx Special effects plugin. This is equivalent to effectsPlus plugin for avisynth+ Other 2021-12-13 Website | Github | Doom9
Vine Vine Vine is a collection of a block/pixel matching based de-halo filter and a set of morphological filters. Other 2020-07-12 Website | Github | Doom9
VIVTC vivtc VIVTC is a set of filters that can be used for inverse telecine. It is a rewrite of some of tritical's TIVTC filters. Inverse Telecine 2021-09-09 Website | Github
VMAF vmaf VMAF (Video Multi-Method Assessment Fusion) is a perceptual video quality assessment algorithm developed by Netflix. Can also calculate PSNR, SSIM and MS-SSIM. Other 2022-05-08 Github | Doom9
vs-aa vsaa Wrappers for aa/scaling plugins and functions, aimed to have compatibility with vs-kernels scalers. Resizing and Format Conversion 2023-10-30 Github
BasicVSR++ vsbasicvsrpp BasicVSR++: Improving Video Super-Resolution with Enhanced Propagation and Alignment Other 2023-05-20 Github | Doom9
vsDDColor vsddcolor Towards Photo-Realistic Image Colorization via Dual Decoders, based on Color/Levels 2023-12-02 Github
vs-dehalo vsdehalo Collection of dehaloing VapourSynth functions Other 2023-10-30 Github
Depir vsdpir DPIR function for VapourSynth, based on Other 2024-05-19 Github
vs-exprtools vsexprtools Helpers for writing RPN expressions Other 2023-10-30 Github
vsfieldkit vsfieldkit Collection of functions for working with interlaced content in VapourSynth. Deinterlacing 2023-10-07 Website | Github | Doom9
VSFilterMod vsfm VSFilterMod with VapourSynth interface added Subtitles 2022-05-21 Website | Github
vsgrlir vsgrlir Efficient and Explicit Modelling of Image Hierarchies for Image Restoration, based on Denoising 2023-04-29 Github
vs-kernels vskernels Kernels are a collection of wrappers pertaining to (de)scaling, format conversion, and other related operations, all while providing a consistent and clean interface. Resizing and Format Conversion 2023-12-04 Github
vsmask vsmask VSMask aims to provide tools and functions to manage, create, and manipulate masks in VapourSynth Other 2022-12-04 Github
vsMiDaS vsmidas Towards Robust Monocular Depth Estimation: Mixing Datasets for Zero-Shot Cross-Dataset Transfer, based on Other 2023-12-16 Github
vsmlrt_contrib_models vsmlrt_contrib_models contrib models for vsmlrt plugin Plugin Dependency 2024-04-25 Github
vsmlrt cuda runtime vsmlrt_cuda_runtime Runtime for CUDA vsmlrt plugin Plugin Dependency 2024-04-25 Github
vsmlrt_ext_models vsmlrt_ext_models ONNX ext models for vsmlrt plugin Plugin Dependency 2023-05-28 Github
vsmlrt_models vsmlrt_models Plugin Dependency 2024-04-25 Github
vsmlrt_script vsmlrt_script To simplify usage, we also provide a Python wrapper for all bundled models and a unified interface to select different backends. Other 2024-04-25 Website | Github
vs-rgtools vsrgtools Wrapper for RGVS, RGSF, and various other functions Denoising 2023-10-30 Github
vs-rife vsrife RIFE: Real-Time Intermediate Flow Estimation for Video Frame Interpolation. Ported from Other 2024-05-18 Github
vs-scale vsscale Wrappers for scaling and descaling functions. Resizing and Format Conversion 2023-10-30 Github
SwinIR vsswinir SwinIR function for VapourSynth, based on Other 2023-02-25 Github
vsTAAmbk vsTAAmbk AA-script Scripts 2023-02-13 Website | Github
VSUtil vsutil A collection of general-purpose Vapoursynth functions to be reused in modules and scripts. Other 2022-06-22 Website | Github
vapoursynth-zip vszip VapourSynth Zig Image Process Other 2024-03-05 Github
Waifu2x NCNN Vulkan w2xnvk Waifu2x filter based on waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan Resizing and Format Conversion 2022-06-13 Github
Waifu2x NCNN Vulkan models w2xnvk_models Models for Waifu2x filter based on waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan Plugin Dependency 2019-11-28 Github
AWarpSharp2 warp AWarpSharp2 sharpens edges by warping them. Other 2018-06-15 Website | Github | Doom9
Warpsharp warpsf Warpsharp floating point version Other 2019-08-24 Github | Doom9
WNNM wnnm WNNM is a denoising algorithm based on block-matching and weighted nuclear norm minimization Denoising 2022-12-13 Github
WarpSharpSupport wss Script versions of support functions from WarpSharp Sharpening 2018-09-06 Website | Github
xaa xaa Many-in-one antialiasing script Scripts 2019-10-23 Github | Doom9
xClean xclean 3-pass denoiser Denoising 2022-05-16 Github | Doom9
xvs xvs Script collection Scripts 2023-11-01 Github
xy-VSFilter xyvsf xy-VSFilter with VapourSynth interface added, based on the source of pinterf's fork Subtitles 2019-07-18 Github | Doom9
Yadifmod yadifmod Port of the Avisynth deinterlacer Deinterlacing 2017-02-07 Website | Github | Doom9
zbilateral zbilateral A faster version of VapourSynth-Bilateral written in zig Denoising 2023-08-07 Github
zboxblur zboxblur BoxBlur filter for vapoursynth written in ziglang. Other 2023-08-02 Github
ZNEDI3 znedi3 Alternate optimized version of NNEDI3 Deinterlacing 2021-09-22 Website | Github
Zsmooth zsmooth Cross-platform smoothing functions written in Zig Denoising 2024-05-03 Github | Doom9