Name Plum
Identifier Plum
Type PyScript
Category Sharpening
Description Plum is a sharpening/blind deconvolution suite with certain advanced features like Non-Local error, Block Matching, etc..
Has GPU-Support? no
Links Github | Doom9


VSRrepo is NOT available! :-(

Further information here: VSRepo


  • com.deinterlace.nnedi3
  • com.Khanattila.KNLMeansCL
  • com.vapoursynth.bm3d
  • fmtconv
  • com.nodame.mvsf
  • in.vcmohan.freq


Bit Depth Color Space Category Description
Super unknown unknown unknown Optional, it helps improve the precision of sub-pixel motion estimation and compensation, use it and get a quality boost or don't and get a performance boost
Basic unknown unknown unknown The basic estimation performs sharpening with spatial self similarity to cancel out ringing, the sharpening kernel is not unsharpen masking, it's a blind deconvolution filter (assuming PSF is a circle).
Final unknown unknown unknown The final estimation adjusts the basic estimation using temporal self similarity to cancel out noise and residual aliasing.