Name bakafunc
Identifier bakafunc
Type PyScript
Category Collection
Has GPU-Support? no
Links Github | Doom9


VSRrepo is NOT available! :-(

Further information here: VSRepo


no dependencies


Bit Depth Color Space Category Description
Baa 8 int unknown Anti-aliasing -
LazyChromaBleedFix unknown unknown Color/Levels It's a somewhat lazy but effective way to repair chroma bleed. The chroma is warped according to the luma edges hence the chroma 'sticks' to luma edges.
RestoreDepth unknown unknown unknown A workaround for preserving high bitdepth when functions only work in 8 bit. This function is only really effective if the 8 bit functions doesn't alter banding or anything that really needs the high bitdepth
dec_txt60mc unknown unknown Inverse Telecine ivtc_txt60mc is for 60i+24t (telecined) and dec_txt60mc is for 60i+24d(30fps 24p with dupes)