Name havsfunc
Identifier havsfunc
Type PyScript
Category Collection
Description Holy's ported AviSynth functions for VapourSynth
Has GPU-Support? no
Links Github | Doom9


VSRrepo is available

Install with: vsrepo install havsfunc

Version Published Download
git:ac7aa10 2022-02-06 script
git:75ddfcb 2022-01-16 script
git:0b14db2 2022-01-08 script
git:f8c781e 2021-12-18 script
git:98997de 2021-11-12 script


  • mvsfunc
  • adjust
  • nnedi3_resample
  • xxx.abc.znedi3
  • com.holywu.nnedi3cl
  • com.nodame.mvtools
  • com.holywu.dfttest
  • com.holywu.eedi2
  • fmtconv
  • com.holywu.eedi3
  • com.mio.sangnom
  • com.vapoursynth.misc
  • com.holywu.deblock
  • com.Khanattila.KNLMeansCL
  • com.holywu.ttempsmooth
  • com.holywu.ctmf
  • systems.innocent.fft3dfilter
  • com.holywu.addgrain
  • com.holywu.dctfilter
  • com.vapoursynth.hqdn3d
  • com.nodame.fluxsmooth
  • com.nodame.awarpsharp2


Bit Depth Color Space Category Description
daa 8-16 int GRAY, YUV Anti-aliasing Anti-aliasing with contra-sharpening by Didée
santiag 8-16 int GRAY, YUV Anti-aliasing santiag v1.6 - Simple antialiasing
FixChromaBleedingMod unknown YUV, YCOCG Color/Levels A script to reduce color bleeding, over-saturation, and color shifting mainly in red and blue areas.
Deblock_QED unknown unknown Deblocking Designed to provide 8x8 deblocking sensitive to the amount of blocking in the source, compared to other deblockers which apply a uniform deblocking across every frame.
DeHalo_alpha unknown GRAY, YUV, YCOCG Dehaloing -
FineDehalo 8-16 int GRAY, YUV, YCOCG Dehaloing Halo removal script that uses DeHalo_alpha with a few masks and optional contra-sharpening to try remove halos without removing important details (like line edges).
FineDehalo2 8-16 int GRAY, YUV, YCOCG Dehaloing Try to remove 2nd order halos
EdgeCleaner unknown GRAY, YUV, YCOCG Deringing/Edge cleaning A simple edge cleaning and weak dehaloing function.
YAHR unknown unknown Dehaloing Y'et A'nother H'alo R'educing script
HQDeringmod unknown GRAY, YUV, YCOCG Deringing/Edge cleaning Applies deringing by using a smart smoother near edges (where ringing occurs) only.
QTGMC unknown unknown Deinterlacing A high quality deinterlacer using motion-compensated temporal smoothing, with a range of features for quality and convenience
smartfademod unknown unknown Inverse Telecine -
srestore unknown unknown unknown -
ivtc_txt60mc unknown unknown Inverse Telecine -
logoNR unknown unknown unknown Post-denoise filter of EraseLogo. Only process logo areas in logo frames, even if l/t/r/b are not set. Non-logo areas are left untouched.
Vinverse unknown unknown Inverse Telecine A small, but effective function against (residual) combing, by Didée
Vinverse2 unknown unknown Inverse Telecine -
LUTDeCrawl unknown unknown Dot Crawl and Rainbows A dot crawl removal script by Scintilla
LUTDeRainbow unknown unknown Dot Crawl and Rainbows A derainbowing script by Scintilla
Stab unknown unknown unknown -
GSMC unknown unknown Denoising Temporal-only on-top grain stabilizer. Only stabilize the difference ( on-top grain ) between source clip and spatial-degrained clip
MCTemporalDenoise 8-16 int unknown Denoising Motion-Compensated Temporal Denoise
SMDegrain unknown unknown Denoising General purpose simple degrain function. Pure temporal denoiser. Basically a wrapper(function)/frontend of mvtools2+mdegrain with some added common related options.
STPresso unknown unknown Denoising Dampen the grain just a little, to keep the original look
SigmoidInverse unknown unknown unknown Apply the inverse sigmoid curve to a clip in linear luminance.
SigmoidDirect unknown unknown unknown Convert back a clip to linear luminance
GrainFactory3 unknown GRAY, YUV, YCOCG Effects and Transitions -
InterFrame unknown unknown Frame Rate Conversion A frame interpolation script that makes accurate estimations about the content of non-existent frames. Its main use is to give videos higher framerates like newer TVs do. For news go to spirton.com
SmoothLevels unknown unknown Color/Levels -
FastLineDarkenMOD unknown GRAY, YUV, YCOCG Line Darkening -
Toon unknown GRAY, YUV, YCOCG Line Darkening toon v0.8 is the newest light-weight build of mf's nice line darken function mf_toon
LSFmod unknown unknown Sharpening LimitedSharpenFaster MOD
TemporalDegrain unknown unknown Denoising Works as a simple temporal degraining function that'll remove MOST grain from video sources, including dancing grain, like the grain found on 300. Also note, the parameters don't need to be tweaked much.
aaf unknown unknown Anti-aliasing aaf is one of the many aaa() modifications. The difference to aaa() is the repair postprocessing that allows also smaller sampling values without producing artefacts.
AverageFrames unknown unknown unknown -
Bob unknown unknown unknown -
ChangeFPS unknown unknown unknown -
Clamp unknown unknown unknown -
KNLMeansCL 8-16 int / 32 float YUV, YCOCG Denoising Wrapper script
Overlay unknown unknown unknown -
Padding unknown unknown Borders and Cropping -
Resize unknown unknown Resizing and Format Conversion -
SCDetect unknown unknown unknown -
Weave unknown unknown Sharpening Contra-sharpening: sharpen the denoised clip, but don't add more to any pixel than what was removed previously.
ContraSharpening unknown unknown Sharpening Contra-sharpening: sharpen the denoised clip, but don't add more to any pixel than what was removed previously. script function from Didée, at the VERY GRAINY thread (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?p=1076491#post1076491)
MinBlur unknown unknown unknown MinBlur by Didée (http://avisynth.nl/index.php/MinBlur). Nifty Gauss/Median combination
sbr unknown unknown unknown make a highpass on a blur's difference (well, kind of that)
DitherLumaRebuild unknown GRAY, YUV, YCOCG Color/Levels Converts luma (and chroma) to PC levels, and optionally allows tweaking for pumping up the darks. (for the clip to be fed to motion search only)
mt_expand_multi unknown unknown unknown Calls mt_expand or mt_inpand multiple times in order to grow or shrink the mask from the desired width and height.
mt_inpand_multi unknown unknown unknown -
mt_inflate_multi unknown unknown unknown -
mt_deflate_multi unknown unknown unknown -
bbmod unknown YUV, YCOCG Borders and Cropping bbmod = BalanceBordersMod.
FixColumnBrightness unknown GRAY, YUV, YCOCG Borders and Cropping -
ivtc_txt30mc unknown unknown Inverse Telecine -
dec_txt60mc unknown unknown Inverse Telecine -
daa3mod unknown unknown Anti-aliasing -
mcdaa3 unknown unknown Anti-aliasing -
AvsPrewitt 8-16 int / 32 float GRAY, YUV, RGB, YCOCG Masking and Edge Detecting Avisynth version of "Prewitt"