Name kagefunc
Identifier kagefunc
Type PyScript
Category Collection
Description Several (edge) masking functions, adaptive grain, hybrid denoise
Has GPU-Support? no
Links Github


VSRrepo is available

Install with: vsrepo install kagefunc

Version Published Download
git:ee61e8f 2021-10-29 script
git:6a65726 2021-10-21 script
git:7f7c1bc 2021-09-06 script
git:015fbee 2021-02-07 script
git:9ea1e85 2020-11-05 script


  • mvsfunc
  • fvsfunc
  • tegaf.asi.xe
  • fmtconv
  • com.invalid.identifier.retinex
  • com.vapoursynth.bm3d
  • com.Khanattila.KNLMeansCL
  • com.holywu.tcanny
  • com.holywu.addgrain
  • vsutil


Bit Depth Color Space Category Description
inverse_scale unknown unknown Resizing and Format Conversion -
generate_keyframes unknown unknown unknown Probably only useful for fansubbing. Generates qp-filename for keyframes to simplify timing
adaptive_grain unknown unknown Effects and Transitions Generates grain based on frame and pixel brightness. Details can be found here: https://kageru.moe/blog/article/adaptivegrain/
conditional_resize unknown unknown Resizing and Format Conversion Fix oversharpened upscales by comparing a regular downscale with a blurry bicubic kernel downscale. Similar to the avisynth function. thr is lower in vapoursynth because it's normalized (between 0 and 1)
squaremask unknown unknown Masking and Edge Detecting Basically a small script that draws white rectangles on a black background. Unless you're scenefiltering, this is useless.
retinex_edgemask unknown unknown Masking and Edge Detecting Use retinex to greatly improve the accuracy of the edge detection in dark scenes.
kirsch unknown unknown Masking and Edge Detecting Kirsch edge detection. This uses 8 directions, so it's slower but better than Sobel (4 directions). More information: https://ddl.kageru.moe/konOJ.pdf
fast_sobel unknown unknown Masking and Edge Detecting Should behave similar to std.Sobel() but faster since it has no additional high-/lowpass, gain, or the sqrt. The internal filter is also a little brighter
hardsubmask unknown unknown Masking and Edge Detecting Uses multiple techniques to mask the hardsubs in video streams like Anime on Demand or Wakanim. Might (should) work for other hardsubs, too, as long as the subs are somewhat close to black/white.
hardsubmask_fades unknown unknown Masking and Edge Detecting Uses Sobel edge detection to find edges that are only present in the main clip.
crossfade unknown unknown Effects and Transitions Crossfade clipa into clipb. Duration is the length of the blending zone. For example, crossfade(a, b, 100) will fade the last 100 frames of a into b.
hybriddenoise unknown unknown Denoising Denoise luma with BM3D (CPU-based) and chroma with KNLMeansCL (GPU-based)
insert_clip unknown unknown unknown convenience function to insert things like Non-credit OP/ED into episodes
get_subsampling unknown unknown unknown returns string to be used with fmtc.resample
iterate unknown unknown unknown -
fit_subsampling unknown unknown unknown Makes a value (e.g. resolution or crop value) compatible with the specified subsampling.