Name lostfunc
Identifier lostfunc
Type PyScript
Category Collection
Description A collection of scripts mostly posted on doom9 forums.
Has GPU-Support? no
Links Github


VSRrepo is available

Install with: vsrepo install lostfunc

Version Published Download
v1 2018-10-04 script


  • adjust
  • havsfunc
  • oyster
  • com.holywu.depan
  • com.nodame.mvtools
  • com.Khanattila.KNLMeansCL
  • com.nodame.awarpsharp2
  • com.vapoursynth.bm3d


Bit Depth Color Space Category Description
fast_deblock unknown unknown Deblocking Basically a low precision lite version of Oyster.Deblocking(), lower quality but like a million times faster. Note that chroma will not be processed
toot unknown unknown unknown A 'advanced-averaging' filter (ignores worst source)
MfTurd unknown unknown unknown Vapoursynth port of mfToon2 (with fixes)
DeSpot 8-16 int GRAY, YUV unknown Spot removal script by Didée http://forum.doom9.net/showthread.php?p=1402690#post1402690. In my experience this filter works very good as a prefilter for SMDegrain(). Filtering only luma seems to help to avoid ghost artefacts.
Stab unknown unknown unknown Stab function that uses DePanEstimate from "Depan" plugin which supports the range parameter. DePanEstimate from MvTools is missing that paramater. Function copied from havsfunc