Name lvsfunc
Identifier lvsfunc
Type PyScript
Category Collection
Description Light's VapourSynth Functions
Has GPU-Support? no
Links Website | Github | Doom9


VSRrepo is available

Install with: vsrepo install lvsfunc

Version Published Download
0.4.0 2022-02-23
0.3.11 2021-12-23
0.3.10 2021-10-01
0.3.9 2021-08-13
0.3.8 2021-08-13


  • fvsfunc
  • muvsfunc
  • havsfunc
  • kagefunc
  • nnedi3_rpow2
  • vstaambk
  • vsutil


Bit Depth Color Space Category Description
compare any any Metrics and Analysis Compare two clips by putting them side-by-side in a list
stack_compare unknown unknown Metrics and Analysis Compares two frames by stacking. Best to use when trying to match two sources frame-accurately, however by setting height to the source's height (or None), it can be used for comparing frames.
transpose_aa unknown unknown Anti-aliasing Script written by Zastin and modified by me (LightArrowsEXE). Useful for shows like Yuru Camp with bad lineart problems. If Eedi3=False, it will use Nnedi3 instead.
nneedi3_clamp unknown unknown Masking and Edge Detecting Script written by Zastin. What it does is clamp the "change" done by eedi3 to the "change" of nnedi3. This should fix every issue created by eedi3. mask allows for you to use your own mask. strong_mask uses a binarized retinex_edgemask to replace more lineart with nnedi3.
quick_denoise unknown unknown Denoising This wrapper is used to denoise both the luma and chroma using various denoisers of your choosing. If you wish to use just one denoiser, you're probably better off using that specific filter rather than this wrapper. BM3D is used for denoising the luma.
stack_planes unknown unknown Metrics and Analysis Splits and stacks planes for comparison
source unknown unknown Source/Output Quick general import wrapper that automatically matches various sources with an appropriate indexing filter.
conditional_descale unknown unknown Resizing and Format Conversion Descales and reupscales a clip. If the difference exceeds the threshold, the frame will not be descaled. If it does not exceed the threshold, the frame will upscaled using either nnedi3_rpow2 or waifu2x-caffe. Useful for BDs that have additional post-processing done on some scenes, but not all of them.
deblend unknown unknown Other A simple function to fix deblending for interlaced video with an AABBA blending pattern, where A is a normal frame and B is a blended frame. Assuming there's a constant pattern of frames (labeled A, B, C, CD, and DA in this function), blending can be fixed by calculating the C frame by getting halves of CD and DA, and using that to fix up CD. DA can then be dropped due to it being an interlaced frame.
fix_cr_tint unknown unknown Color/Levels -
limit_dark unknown unknown Metrics and Analysis Replaces frames in a clip with a filtered clip when the frame's darkness exceeds the threshold. This way you can run lighter (or heavier) filtering on scenes that are almost entirely dark.
one_plane any unknown Metrics and Analysis Checks if the source clip is a single plane.
test_descale unknown unknown Metrics and Analysis Generic function to test descales with. Descales and reupscales a given clip, allowing you to compare the two easily.
upscaled_sraa unknown unknown Anti-aliasing Another AA written by Zastin and slightly modified by me(LightArrowsEXE). Performs an upscaled single-rate AA to deal with aliasing. Useful for Web rips, where the source quality is not good enough to descale, but you still want to deal with some bad aliasing and lineart.