Neo MiniDeen


Name Neo MiniDeen
Identifier in.7086.neo_minideen
Type VSPlugin
Category Denoising
Description MiniDeen is a spatial denoising filter. It replaces every pixel with the average of its neighbourhood.
Has GPU-Support? no
Links Website | Github | Doom9 | AvsWiki


VSRrepo is available

Install with: vsrepo install neo_minideen

Version Published Download
r11 2021-09-27 win32 win64
r10 2020-06-20 win32 win64
r9 2020-05-29 win32 win64
r8 2020-04-21 win32 win64
r7 2020-04-13 win32 win64


no dependencies


Bit Depth Color Space Category Description
MiniDeen 8-16 int GRAY, YUV, RGB, YCOCG Denoising -