Name Retinex
Identifier com.vapoursynth.retinex
Type VSPlugin
Category Other
Description The Retinex theory and algorithm mainly aims at simulating the color constancy feature of HVS(Human Visual System).
Has GPU-Support? no
Links Github


VSRrepo is NOT available! :-(

Further information here: VSRepo


no dependencies


Bit Depth Color Space Category Description
MSRCP 8-16 int GRAY444, YUV444, RGB, YCOCG444 unknown MSRCP(Multi Scale Retinex with Chromaticity Preservation) is based on MSR. It applies MSR on intensity channel, and adjust UV/RGB according to the filtering result of intensity channel to preserve chromaticity.
MSRCR 8-16 int RGB unknown MSRCR(Multi Scale Retinex with Color Restoration) is based on MSR. It applies MSR to each spectral channel (e.g. R, G and B), and modify the MSR output by multiplying it by a color restoration function of the chromaticity.