Name vscompare
Identifier vscompare
Type PyScript
Category Metrics and Analysis
Description Clip comparison script. Creates easy frame comparisons between multiple clips.
Has GPU-Support? no
Links Website


VSRrepo is NOT available! :-(

Further information here: VSRepo


no dependencies


Bit Depth Color Space Category Description
comp unknown unknown Metrics and Analysis Allows an infinite number of clips to be compared. Can compare entire clips, frames, or slices. Visually arranges clips in five ways: continuous clip (A0 B0 A1 B1), vertical stacking, horizontal stacking, mosaic, split (A | B [| C])
prep any YUV Metrics and Analysis Prepares multiple clips of differing sizes/bit-depths to be compared. Can optionally be used as a simplified resize/ftmc wrapper for one clip.
save any any Other Writes frames as named files for easy upload to image comparison websites.