Name xvs
Identifier xvs
Type PyScript
Category Collection
Description Script collection
Has GPU-Support? no
Links Github


VSRrepo is available

Install with: vsrepo install xvs

Version Published Download
git:d3d13a8 2022-03-07 script
git:8301892 2022-02-27 script
git:8a855e5 2022-01-04 script
git:be07d66 2021-10-20 script
git:982b32b 2021-10-05 script


  • mvsfunc
  • havsfunc
  • muvsfunc
  • com.nodame.mvtools
  • com.nodame.fluxsmooth
  • com.holywu.vsfilter
  • com.holywu.vsfiltermod
  • fmtconv
  • com.nodame.awarpsharp2
  • com.holywu.tcanny
  • com.holywu.tdeintmod
  • com.holywu.nnedi3cl
  • com.deinterlace.nnedi3
  • xxx.abc.znedi3
  • com.holywu.eedi2
  • com.wolframrhodium.dpid
  • com.ifb.tonemap
  • com.vapoursynth.ffms2
  • systems.innocent.lsmas
  • com.Khanattila.KNLMeansCL
  • com.holywu.readmpls


Bit Depth Color Space Category Description
STPresso unknown unknown Denoising The goal of STPresso (Spatio-Temporal Pressdown) is to 'dampen the grain just a little, to keep the original look, and make it fast'. In other words it makes a video more compressible without losing detail and original grain structure.
SPresso unknown unknown Denoising SPresso (Spatial Pressdown) is a purely spatial script designed to achieve better compressibility without doing too much harm to the original detail.
STPressoMC unknown unknown Denoising -
splicev1 unknown unknown unknown Splice clips with different fps and output timecodes v1
FluxsmoothTMC unknown unknown Denoising port from https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=d58237a359f5b1f2ea45591cceea5133&p=1572664#post1572664 allow setting parameters for mvtools
mvfrc unknown unknown unknown change fps by mvtools with motion interpolation
xsUSM unknown unknown Sharpening xyx98's simple unsharp mask
SharpenDetail unknown unknown Sharpening ideas comes from: https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=163598 but it's not a port, because there is no asharp in vapoursynth, so I adjust sharpener
textsub unknown unknown unknown Can support high bit and yuv444&yuv422, but not rgb. Not recommended for yuv420p8. It's a port from avs script-textsub16 by mawen1250, but have some differences
LazyDering unknown unknown Deringing/Edge cleaning LazyDering tries to clean up slight ringing around edges by applying aWarpSharp2 only to areas where the difference is small enough so detail isn't destroyed.
SADering unknown unknown Deringing/Edge cleaning Simple Awarpsharp2 Dering
NonlinUSM unknown unknown unknown -
SAdeband unknown unknown Debanding Simple Adaptive Debanding
vfrtocfr unknown unknown Frame Rate Conversion -
getPictType unknown unknown unknown -
FIFP unknown unknown unknown Fix Interlanced Frames in Progressive video
Overlaymod unknown unknown unknown modified overlay by xyx98. Based on havsfunc.Overlay()
WarpFixChromaBlend unknown unknown unknown Warp Fix Chroma Blend
InterFrame unknown unknown unknown adjusted InterFrame from havsfunc, supports 10bit with new svp
dpidDown unknown unknown Resizing and Format Conversion use dpid as kernel in Gamma-aware resize,only downscale.
xTonemap unknown unknown Color/Levels The way I convert hdr to sdr when I rip 'Kimi No Na Wa'(UHDBD HK ver.). I'm not sure It suit for other UHDBD
statsinfo2csv unknown unknown unknown write PlaneStats(Max,Min,Avg) to csv
XSAA unknown unknown Anti-aliasing xyx98's simple aa function. Only luma is processed.
creditmask unknown unknown Masking and Edge Detecting use non-credit clip to create mask for credit area. 255(8bit) means credit. Output will be 16bit
lbdeband unknown unknown Debanding low bitdepth deband. Deband for flat area with heavy details through round to low bitdepth, limitfilter and f3kdb
ssim2csv unknown unknown unknown Wrapper function for ssim in muvsfunc. Calculate SSIM and write to a csv
GMSD2csv unknown unknown unknown Wrapper function for GMSD in muvsfunc. Calculate GMSD and write to a csv
ssharp unknown unknown Sharpening Slightly sharp through bicubic
readmpls unknown unknown Source/Output Convenient wrapper for the readmpls function. Loads mpls with ffms2.
mwaa unknown unknown Anti-aliasing Anti-Aliasing function
mwcfix unknown unknown unknown chroma restoration
mwlmask unknown unknown unknown luma mask
mwdbmask unknown unknown unknown deband mask
mwenhance unknown unknown unknown high frequency enhance
drAA unknown unknown Anti-aliasing down resolution Anti-Aliasing for anime with heavy Aliasing. luma only.